Adhering to the technical requirements and desired aesthetic for which elite level dancers and top athletes strive for, FLX offers a researched training approach of flexibility conditioning techniques with methods of pilates, yoga and sports conditioning for optimal results in mobility and strength. Utilizing the elastic resistance and fully adjustable straps, the Flexistretcher® allows one to perform dance-specific or sport-specific movement patterns, concentrating on improvements in execution and mobility. Elastic resistance training methods have been used by top coaches, trainers and rehabilitation experts for decades. Implementing these training methods with the Flexistretcher® allows one to extend their range of motion, without the limitations of gravity, optimizing improvements in flexibility and functional strength. Functional and versatile, the Flexistretcher® is a great tool to implement into your training routine from the studio, gym or home.


Evolve. Engage. Educate. Become a FLX Conditioning Specialist

Become an official FLX conditioning specialist and join FLX to innovate, evolve and educate by providing your clients or students the highest caliber training and education in flexibility and strength exercise.

  • Learn the basics and fundamentals of working with the Flexistretcher® and how you can receive the highest benefits of its elastic resistance capabilities and proven training methods.

  • Familiarize yourself with key techniques to  effectively and safely bring full body awareness that increases flexibility and strength.

  • Successfully create a training program that adheres to different clients, ages and levels.

  • Learn how to provide certain exercises tailored to improve dance-specific weaknesses and muscle tightnesses common to many dancers.

  • Create sequencing for a class setting that helps combat these common issues and provide optimal results.

  • Help prevent injury by maintaining mobility and strength by gaining a knowledge of key techniques that enhance body awareness

  • Implement an effective strength and flexibility routine which allows one to maintain the body in peak performance shape and reach the highest level of performance required of today’s dancers and athletes.

  • Gain the knowledge and respect that sets you apart and joins you with the already established FLX community of professionals and elite individuals in the dance and athletic fields.

  • This basic training can be completed between one and two days depending on the amount of individuals registered to become FLX certified.
  • Hosting a FLX conditioning class in your studio or gym will provide a supplemental and educational approach to your conditioning routine that can be specifically tailored to dance or sport programs.  This is an innovative way to implement a training routine by providing information and products that can be utilized from anywhere.



Hosting a FLX master class is a great introduction to the training techniques with FLX products and the Flexistretcher®. These classes can be arranged in New York City or in your home studio. 


FLX conditioning private lessons

Arrange a private lesson with a FLX master teacher in New York City and receive an individual and expert approach on how to improve and maintain optimal flexibility and strength.




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