About FLX®


FLX® is a brand that evolves and innovates to meet the ever-changing demands of professional dancers and athletes. We strive to provide products that complement and enhance this dynamic lifestyle.

Originally created to keep up with the daily demands of a professional dancer, FLX® products and training techniques are ballerina-inspired; however, they have proven to be beneficial for any athlete or individual looking to challenge his or her personal limits. Since its inception, FLX® has been providing the highest quality performance equipment, which is being used by the leading dancers, athletes and experts in pilates, yoga and physical therapy, in over 60 countries. We are the professional’s choice for stretch and strength products. With the understanding that an effective strength and flexibility routine is critical to reaching and maintaining the highest levels of performance, today’s professionals turn to FLX® for the equipment that they use every day to keep their competitive edge.

Adhering to the technical requirements and desired aesthetic that dancers strive for, FLX® offers a researched training approach of flexibility conditioning techniques with methods of pilates, yoga and sports conditioning for optimal results in mobility and strength. Incorporating these proven training methods with FLX® products into your daily schedule can help your body to exceed expectations.

Rethink The Way You Stretch™