Welcome to FLX®

I am happy you joined us!

As a fitness and dance entrepreneur, I have dedicated my life to improving people’s lives through innovative products, science-based training, and exceptional customer service. At FLX®, we are committed to promoting improved health, strength, and overall wellness to people through safe and effective stretching and flexibility training.

Stretching has been a significant part of my life for about as long as I can remember. My introduction to stretching was at gymnastics as a young girl, where stretching was a vital part of each class. My passion for movement evolved to ballet, competitive ballroom dancing, becoming a certified Pilates instructor and founding my first company at age 20 – RP Collection, with its mission to provide elegant dance supplies and to inspire dancers to lead extraordinary lives.

Through coaching people of all ages, I have learned the importance and difference stretching makes in posture, flexibility, injury recovery, quality of life and even stress levels. Today, like never before, wellness and health are viewed as one’s greatest assets, and FLX® is here to be a trusted partner in Stretching, Strengthening and Recovering.

Thank you for joining us at FLX® to Rethink the Way You Stretch™!

Aleksandra Y. Efimova