About the Flexistretcher®

This is flexibility training.

Originally designed by a professional dancer for use in some of the world’s top ballet companies, the Flexistretcher® is an indispensable component of anyone’s fitness arsenal. Harnessing the power of elastic resistance, the Flexistretcher® safely improves range of motion, while simultaneously strengthening the muscles as they stretch. This is flexibility training.

The Flexistretcher® can be used by any age or fitness level. For serious athletes and dancers, the Flexistretcher® can help extend range of motion and improve functional strength within specific positions necessary for a sport or activity. For casual exercisers and for rehabilitation purposes, the Flexistretcher® can improve basic ranges of motion by applying the fundamental principles of the Flexistretcher® – stretching and strengthening.

How does the Flexistretcher® improve flexibility?

Core Flexistretcher® movements include stretching and strengthening through use of elastic resistance with sturdy straps. A strap alone may not be the best tool. Yoga straps and other “static” stretching aids risk injury by forcing the user’s body into stretch positions, while the Flexistretcher’s elastic center strap allows the body to find a healthy range of movement. Elastic resistance also challenges muscles within positions, helping build strength and increase one’s range of motion. The Flexistretcher® can be used for facilitated stretching, which is an active way of stretching that engages muscle contractions to achieve greater flexibility.

Utilizing elastic resistance allows for variable resistance throughout an exercise. Working against this resistance forces muscles to respond with increased effort, which promotes muscle growth, strength, and power.

  • Working with the Flexistretcher® allows one to simulate movement patterns concentrating on improvements in execution and mobility.
  • Utilizing elastic resistance, the Flexistretcher® increases muscle strength in a safe, productive manner.
  • As the band stretches, resistance increases, providing a stimulus to the muscle. This resistance does not rely on gravity. Instead, training with elastic resistance provides a variable resistance throughout the stretch or exercise, eliminating the possibility of using momentum and "cheating" your way through the movement.

How is the Flexistretcher® different?

Unlike flimsy elastic stretching bands, the Flexistretcher’s resistance has been carefully measured to provide progressive stimulus to the muscle without sacrificing control. This combination of support and stretch cannot be found in any other product. The Flexistretcher’s size and shape allow it to be used in full body stretches (such as a ballet arabesque), but it can also be adjusted to target specific, smaller joints (such as shoulders or hips). Built to withstand the daily use of professional dancers, the Flexistretcher’s sturdy construction and custom designed parts are guaranteed to last.

By applying the training fundamentals employed by both dancers and athletes, the Flexistretcher® becomes a beneficial apparatus in any fitness regimen. It is a perfect portable tool to enhance your stretch and strength routine anytime and anywhere. By incorporating elastic resistance, exercises offer many more possibilities of movement, greater range of motion, and the ability to work multiple muscles at the same time.

  • Adjustable straps conform to any flexibility level and custom pieces are designed for added comfort and user ease-ability.
  • Designed by a professional dancer recovering from injury, the Flexistretcher® and its training methods are researched and tailored to complement the ever evolving demands of ballet technique.
  • Become certified! Checkout our training section for courses and to become a Certified FLX® Instructor.

Proven beneficial for dancers, athletes or individuals looking to enhance flexibility and challenge their fitness goals.