1. Is the Flexistretcher® only for dancers?  
    The Flexistretcher is beneficial for anyone who is looking to increase his/her flexibility while improving strength. Here are some genres of avid Flexistretcher users:  ballet, dance, dance teachers, gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, fitness, general stretch, figure skating, yoga, pilates, physical therapy, rehabilitation, martial arts, athletics, synchronized swimming, runners and many more.
  2. How does the Flexistretcher® increase flexibility and strength? The Flexistretcher® is the only portable training tool that combines stretch and strength. The elastic center is custom made for rigorous training and the nylon straps are fully adjustable for 100s of exercise possibilities. When performing a stretch with the Flexistretcher there is an inherent elastic resistance training approach where the muscles are required to be fully activated. You are then able to safely train and work on small exercises within the position focusing on alignment while slowing moving into a greater range of motion.
  3. Why is the Flexistretcher®'s design better than other straps? The Flexistretcher is a patented training tool that is custom designed and researched to provide the best quality and effective training results. A few design features that sets is apart: custom strength elastic, connecting metal pieces, fully adjustable straps, rubber stoppers to avoid the pieces from falling off and a custom neoprene sleeve protector.
  4. Will the Flexistretcher® force me into an advanced stretch? No! The Flexistretcher will only allow you to go as far as your flexibility level. To modify any stretch simply bend the leg(s) to work with in your range. Because you are working against the resistance your muscles are required to be fully activated allowing for a safe way to flexibility train.
  5. Will the Flexistretcher be the right size for me? The Flexistretcher's straps are fully adjustable which is perfect for all heights, flexibility levels and for a variety of exercises. If the stretch feels too loose simply tighten the straps and if you are unable to straighten your leg the straps are too tight or the stretch is too advanced and you should start with a modification working your way up to the full stretch.
  6. I am already very flexible, is the Flexistretcher® for me? Yes! The Flexistretcher is very beneficial for building strength with in a pose. This kind of training is ideal for ballet and sport as you are able to simulate the movement required and encourage correct muscular activation. Every movement you are working against the resistance so for very flexible people we suggest pressing down into the straps and work to find correct alignment. This will fire up the muscles needed to HOLD the position against the resistance. 
  7. Where can I learn how to use my Flexistretcher®?  You can find exercises on our Instagram page, Blog and Youtube pages. Or you can find a full selection on our website!
  8. I want to learn more about how to use my Flexistretcher®.  Attend the next master class or Instructor Certification Experience! Email teach@flxstretchtraining.com for more info.
  9. I want to teach Flexistretcher® classes. Join our growing community of certified FLX instructors! Attend one of our Instructor Certification Experiences. See what some of our certified trainers have to say here!
  10. My Flexistretcher loop came undone. How do I fix it?! The metal piece is easy to slide back on! You simply fold the nylon in half with the free end coming towards you. Then take the folded end and thread it under and over the metal piece making sure to pull through enough space for a new loop. Here's a quick video that you can follow : Flexistretcher Loop Fix