FLX® Instructor Certification - Studio Discount

The FLX® Instructor Certification Studio Discount is available to studio owners looking to certify 3 or more teachers from their studio. At this time, the Studio Discount is available for the online certification course only.


Following two full-priced ($149) registrations from the same studio, FLX will provide the studio owner with a studio-specific 20% discount code for additional registrations from the same studio. 

 First 2 Registrants - Full Price

Next 10 Registrants - 20% Off



(includes a Flexistretcher)

(includes a Flexistretcher)

To apply, please reach out to teach@flxstretchtraining.com
Code is valid for 30 days. Code is specific to the studio and only valid for instructors at that studio. Code can be used up to 10 times. Studio owner agrees to share the code only with his/her staff. Discount cannot be combined with other promotions, for example the $99 (NOFLEXI code).