Become a Certified FLX Instructor

What is the FLX Instructor Certification Experience?

Instructor Certification Experiences are 8-hour intense trainings that will review the fundamentals of FLX® Flexibility Training. FLX® Classes are not a traditional stretch class, because flexibility is not just stretching. You’ll improve performance, align the body and increase your flexibility using a unique tool called the Flexistretcher®. This product has been used for years to improve prima ballerinas flexibility! 


  • How to use the Flexistretcher®
  • How to identify areas with limited range of motion that restrict peak performance
  • How to improve flexibility using the FLX® stretching and strengthening exercises
  • How to teach FLX® flexibility classes


  • FLX® Instructor Certification
  • Flexistretcher®
  • Exclusive FLX Certification Manual
  • One-day intense training


REGULAR PRICING $349 (*within 7 days of the certification)


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It's more than just stretching.

"In fact, you can lose 10 percent of your flexibility every 10 years if you do nothing!"



The FLX Training Method is beneficial for dancers because it provides both strength and active flexibility training in order to provide greater range of motion, muscular endurance, and support against injury. This training method will help advance dancers into being able to properly execute more advanced (and basic!) skills with proper technique. Whether you're going from school to the studio, or traveling on tour, its portability can fit into any routine. It is also helpful for dancers, because its versatility allows for a safe, full body workout with the use of one tool.

Antonia Vega

As a pro dancer in Europe and NYC, the Flexistretcher benefits my cross training and overall flexibility with strength and grace.

Jon Ole Olstad