Try This Exercise to Improve your Arabesque

Hip Lifts with the FLX Ball 

Strengthening the hip extensors or hamstrings is key when focusing on improving leg movements to the back such as the arabesque.


Lie on your back with your legs bent, and feet flat on the floor. Press both feet together on the ball. Arms are long by your side with palms pressed into the floor or for more of a challenge arms will be straight up with fingers pointing towards ceiling.


  1. Tuck your pelvis and begin rolling the hips up off of the floor.  Send the knees over the toes to correct alignment and avoid externally rotating the legs to complete the movement.

  2. Articulate through the spine to roll down to the floor finishing in your starting position.


Lift hips up by engaging abdominals and hamstrings.


Once hips are lifted and feet are pressing down into the ball you can add a challenge by circling the arms up, out to the side, and back to your starting position.

REPETITION: Repeat 10 times.


LEVEL: Intermediate - Advanced

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