FLX Ball Scissors



Begin by lying on your back and place the FLX Ball at your upper back in between your shoulder blades. Legs are bent and feet flat on the floor. Place hands behind your head and keep elbows wide.



1. Lift legs to a table top position and pull the abs in.

2. Slowly, twist to the right as you bring left elbow to right knee with left leg reaching out on a high diagonal.

3. With control, twist to the left bringing right elbow to left knee.

Pull the abdominal muscles in to deepen the twist.

Repeat 20 times.  3-5 sets.


CHALLENGE:  Both legs are straight and scissor as you twist.


CUES:  Sink belly button in towards spine and with the help of the ball, feel the rib cage fold up and over the stomach.

Hug the inner thighs as you scissor the legs. Watch out from rocking side to side.


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