Stronger more flexible feet with this FLX Ball exercise

Plantar Flexion

FLX BALL: Plantar Flexion

SETUP: Sit down with your left heel resting on the ground and place the FLX Ball under the toes of your left foot. 


  1. Begin by pressing the toes straight down.
  2. Continue by doming the arch. Feel the arch pull up as your toes and metatarsals press into the ball.
  3. Allow the foot to move into a full point as it stays in contact with the ball.
  4. Your heel will leave the ground as you aim to straighten your leg.
  5. Return to your starting position by reversing the movement until your heel is back on the ground.


  • Remember to feel your toes, metatarsals, and then arch pressing down into the ball.
  • Maintain a neutral position of the ankle, aligning the second toe with the tibia (shin bone).
  • Toes are pressing flat and long into the ball


  • It is important to remember that the primary action of the toes is to press down against the floor to move the body forward. Thus, adequate plantar flexion strength is important for work on demi pointe and pointe, and for a powerful push-off used in turns and jumps.
  • By adding small apparatus and resistance tools to your conditioning routine you can build strength beyond the limits gravity by adding a level of instability and challenge to the exercise that in turn brings attention to complete muscle activation and correct form.

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