Front Développé with the FLX Ball

Front Développé

SETUP: Place the FLX Ball under your bottom ankle with top leg stacked on top of bottom leg in a ballet fifth position.


Press down on ball and lift hips off of the floor.

Begin by bending the top leg into a passe and developpe the leg in front of you.

Focus is on the bottom leg making sure it is active and engaged for the duration of the exercise.

REPETITIONS: 10 times on each leg.

SETS: 3-5


  • Maintain your neutral spine.
  • Watch out for tucking of the pelvis to complete the movement.
  • Extend through and active the bottom leg.
  • Avoid “gripping” in the hip flexors to begin the movement. This happens when the pelvis is not in alignment.

TARGET MUSCLES: Hip Flexors(iliopsoas), hip abductors, and external rotators.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Pain in the hip flexors or a past hip injury.


  • Bring focus to activating the bottom leg and engaging the abdominals to complete the movement as this is what will help perform the movement standing up.

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