FLX New Video Platform - Stream Videos From Any Device, Anytime!

FLX is excited to announce the launch of a new video platform that allows you to instantly stream workouts from your computer or handheld devices!


Rehearsal was cancelled?  Can’t make it to class today?  No sweat.  Grab your FLX products and break a sweat.   


By logging in to your customer account, your purchased videos will be available for you to stream at your convenience.  Begin your mornings with an intense core workout, or end your night with a relaxing yoga flow.  


Your video library will turn your favorite FLX products into a home gym.  Check out all the instant video workouts, here:  http://www.flxbody.com/collections/streaming-videos


We have 5 NEW videos utilizing the resistance, portability and versatility of FLX products:



This video takes you through a series of exercises that focus on strength and mobility utilizing elastic resistance training methods with your Flexistretcher. Focus on high intensity full muscle activation reps for 3-5 sets.

Benefits will include:

  • Increased muscle mass, power and endurance.
  • Improved balance and mobility.

    FLX Stretch 

    Stretch your way through beginner and advanced stretches tailored to improve the basic flexibility needs of the ballet dancer. Work through this quick and efficient series with your Flexistretcher.


    FLX Yoga 

    Our FLX Yoga sequence flows through a series of yoga postures utilizing the elastic resistance of the Flexistretcher.  Practicing these traditional asanas with your Flexistretcher allows you to free your arms, extend your reach or deepen a stretch to challenge the muscles within a pose.



    This Instant Video contains a series of exercises designed to target and challenge the abdominal muscles. 

    This 9 inch inflatable ball is designed to provide support and challenge for an array of exercises. Working against the instability of the FLX Ball's surface forces the muscles to respond with an increased effort, allowing for a quicker more efficient workout.


    This Instant Video contains a series of exercises designed to target and challenge the muscles of the foot and lower leg. These exercises are especially good for dancers and are designed to help improve the flexibility of the arch, jumps and pointe work.



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