Back Extension with the FLX Ball


  • Lie on your stomach in a prone positions and the FLX Ball under your chest.
  • Laterally rotate the legs and place them hip distance apart.
  • Press hips into the floor and hollow out your abs.
  • Stack your hands at your forehead and keep the elbows wide.


  • Inhale, lengthen to lift your torso up in a spinal extension.
  • Feel the length of the spinal curve rather than a “crunch” in the lower spine.
  • Exhale, lower to your starting position.

REPETITIONS: 6-10 times.

FLX Ball Back Extension


  • Lengthen to lift your torso up in a spinal extension.
  • Extend arms long in front of you, circle them out to your side, and continue to bring them back by your hips.
  • Return hands to your stacked position and lower to your starting pose.
  • Repeat 4-6 times.

Variation II: 

  • Arms are in a 5th position overhead.
  • Feel the scapula pulling down your back as you lift torso up in a spinal extension.
  • Keep arms there and watch out for lifting shoulders.
  • Lower to your starting position pulling your abdominals in a co-contraction to protect the spine.
  • Repeat 6-10 times. 

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