The Ultimate Warm Up Series with the Flexistretcher

The warm up works to slowly increase the heart rate and blood flow in the body in order to prepare the body for class and/or rehearsal.

Here is a four exercise warm up series you can do anywhere, anytime.  All you need is your Flexistretcher. 

1.) Roll-Up: 3-5 Reps

CUES:  Focus on maintaining a neutral pelvis throughout the series. 


2.) Seated Arm Pulses: 10-15 Reps

CUES: Actively press the legs into the floor. Deepen abdominals in and up. Use the help of the band so you are able to concentrate on your abdominals.


3.) Forward Fold: 10-15 Counts

CUES: Actively hug the legs together and press them into the floor.  Pull up on the knees and lengthen through the heels.  Keep elbow hugged into your sides and drawing back as you fold forward.  Pull hips back and down.

ballet stretch

4.) The Hundred: Inhale for 5 counts and Exhale for 5 counts, 10 times.

CUES:  Make sure to keep the resistance in the band as you are pulsing your arms. Keep your gaze in towards your belly button to avoid tension in your neck.


Repeat this warm up series three times through, and you'll be ready to reach your full performance potential.


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