Cross-Training with Yoga: Double Pigeon to Improve Turnout

Cross-training with yoga has a variety of benefits for dancers wishing to improve technique, from turnout to flexibility.  

In dance, ballet especially, the turnout muscles - also known as the hip external rotators - are recruited for most functional movements. Ballet dancers often attempt to achieve or increase these “turned out” positions with excessive motions of the ankle and knee or posteriorly tilting the pelvis to give the visual of the required aesthetic.  This action can lead to tight, imbalanced muscles.

To counteract this tightness, you have to focus on strengthening opposing muscle groups (in this case hip internal rotators) and stretching out the highly used external rotators to re-balance your body.   One way to combat the tightness in the external hip rotators is with Yoga! 

Try this yoga pose with your Flexistretcher to improve hip rotation:

Double Pigeon 

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