FLX Strength Abdombinal Series

Try this Abdominal Series with your Flexistretcher to amp up your core strength! 

Repeat the entire series 3-5 times. 

    1. Press and Hold: 10 counts.
    2. Knee Walks: 10 walks.  CUE: Thighs stay pressing into the elastic center as you walk. 
    3. Hip Lifts: 5-10 reps. 


  • Hold the Flexistretcher by the elastic center, shoulder width apart and pull to a tension for the duration of the series.
  • As you curl your torso up, press the center of the band into the legs and the legs into the band.
  • Up for a challenge? Repeat the series with legs straight up towards the sky.   
  • Needs to modify? Complete the series with head on the floor.
For the full length FLX Strength Workout, click here: http://bit.ly/1wlmXQv


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