Workout Anywhere.

It’s time for your workouts to be flexible.  Like you.

For an effective warm up before class or rehearsal, or a quick sweat sesh on the go, our Instant Video Library allows you to stream your FLX routines from any laptop or handheld device.

Streaming Video How-To 

  1. Choose your workouts, here

  2. Create an account at checkout. 

  3. Download USCREEN from the App store.

  4. Login using your FLX username.

  5. Create a password.

  6. Stream your workouts anywhere, anytime.

 FLX products are compact and portable.  With the ability to stream your strength and flexibility routines, your fitness goals are one tap away.

Workout Anywhere

Auditioning?  Pack your Flexistretcher and get your legs up with the streamable Advanced Stretch Class.

Backstage? Tighten up your core with the FLXball and the Abdominal Focus video.

Post-Performance?  Grab your Flexi for an active cool down with FLX Stretch.

Traveling?  Don’t wrestle with yoga studio reviews - get flowing with FLX Yoga.

Downtime between classes? FLX your feet with Foot Focus for an effective arch strengthening routine.  

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