Lateral Bend with the Flexistretcher

Try this upper body stretch with the Flexistretcher to gain mobility before barre, rehearsal, or performance. 

SETUP:   Sitting cross-legged, hold the Flexistretcher in front of you rbody in both hands a little wider than shoulder-width apart.  Pull the band to a tension, and slowly raise your arms up overhead and slightly your head.

Lateral Bend with Flexistretcher

Lateral Bend with Flexistretcher


  • With the strap overhead, slowly bend sideways at the waist, making sure that the top arm does not collapse toward your head, keeping the shoulders drawn down your back.  
  • Actively pull down the bottom arm, feeling a stretch throughout the side of your torso.  Make sure to ground the sit bones as you bend sideways.  
  • Repeat on the other side.


  • Keep gaze outward and lift chin from chest.  
  • Keep shoulders drawn down your back for the entire exercise.  
  • Keep hip firmly planted.

: Try this exercises standing with feet hip width apart.

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