Flexistretcher Creator Talks Top 3 Questions She Gets About Stretching

Flexistretcher Creator & FLX Founder Rachel Hamrick is a former professional ballerina and fitness guru with certifications ranging from yoga and Pilates to TRX training. Hamrick's extensive dance and fitness background, knowledge of somatics and personal experience helped her develop the Flexistretcher, the dance professional's tool of choice for strength and flexibility training.  

Rachel Hamrick

Because Rachel works closely with professional dancers and fanatics in the field of fitness, she gets a lot of questions about a variety of topics; ranging from ballet technique to injury prevention.  Of course, as the inventor of the Flexistretcher, inquiries about stretching best practices is always at the top of the list.  

Check out the top 3 most common stretching questions she gets from Flexi-fans!

Q: Why should I stretch?

A: Hamrick Says...

Stretching is a simple and effective way to enhance athletic performance, decrease the chance of injury, and minimize muscle soreness.

When you increase range of motion in joint you increase the distance the limbs can move and contract. By improving flexibility you reduce risk of injury because your joints are better able to move through their full range of motion.

This can improve the muscle’s power, and your ability to actively control the muscles, resulting in a better execution of movement and an enhanced performance.

Other added benefits of stretching are improved posture, improved circulation by increasing blood flow to the muscles, increased energy levels, reduced muscle tension, and stress release.

Q: What are the dangers of poor flexibility?

A: Hamrick Says...

Tight stiff muscles limit normal range of motion and interfere with correct muscle actions. This can greatly increases the chance of becoming injured and is why you must keep up with a daily stretching routine. 

Q: I stretch. Why am I not seeing results? 

A: Hamrick Says...

Stretching is not a one time magic wand.  The benefits of stretching can be accomplished when flexibility training is applied professionally and diligently over an extended period of time. Do not expect miracles from a stretching routine it takes time, dedication, and determination!


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