4 Reasons Why the Flexistretcher is the Leading Training Tool

How is the Flexistretcher better than other stretching tools?

FLX is a brand that evolves and innovates to meet the ever-changing demands of professional dancers and athletes. We strive to provide products and apparel that complement and enhance this dynamic lifestyle.

Our namesake product, The Flexistretcher, is a true testament to this mission. With its Elastic Resistance technology, it differs greatly from other stretching aids such as tire tubes, therabands or static stretching straps.  


Here are the 4 core qualities that makes the Flexistretcher like no other stretching tool on the market:

1. Structure

Each piece of the band is custom designed and molded which makes the Flexistretcher unlike any other training aid. 

    1. Neoprene Padding: for comfort, grip and sweat resistance.

    2. Custom Piecing:  designed to withstand the daily demands of the professional dancer or athlete.

    3. Adjustable Loops: fit to accommodate different levels and strengths.

2. Portability

The Flexistretcher offers a complete workout without the need for bulky, expensive equipment. You can take the Flexistretcher to the gym, to the park, to the studio or anywhere in between.

3. Durability

The Flexistretcher’s sturdy construction and exclusively designed parts are guaranteed to last. Adjustable straps conform to any flexibility level and custom pieces are designed for added comfort and user easability.

4. Effectiveness

Working with the Flexistretcher provides an inherent elastic resistance training approach to every stretch and exercise.   It can be used by any age or fitness level. For serious athletes and dancers, the Flexistretcher can help extend range of motion and improve functional strength within specific positions necessary for a sport or activity. For casual exercisers, the Flexistretcher can increase flexibility and build muscle strength without many of the risks associated with weight training.

The Flexistretcher

We are proud to offer dancers and athletes the highest quality methods and tools to safely and correctly experience and extend the optimum of your physical potential.


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