5 Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

5 Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

When most people think of massage, they think of relaxation. Massages can be so relaxing that they allow your mind to drift off and body to relax. However, deep tissue massage may not feel like that type of massage. While deep tissue massage can have both physical and psychological benefits, it can be a bit intense.

Deep tissue massage can provide many benefits. Here are 5 benefits of deep tissue massage.

  1. Stress relief. Deep tissue massage can be painful and breathing throughout the massage can help reduce stress with intention inhaling and exhaling as the massage occurs. For many, just the act of concentrated rolling of the muscles can be relaxing.
  2. Improved muscle recovery. Research shows that deep tissue massage can help improve muscle recovery. It aims to release knots and tension in the muscles and connective tissues at the fascial network in order to alleviate immediate pain. Also, it can increase the playability of the muscles for better flexibility.
  3. Lower blood pressure and improve health. Deep tissue massage can lower blood pressure by increasing circulation throughout the body. This coupled with the stress reduction benefits can have a significant impact on improving one’s health.
  4. Reduce chronic pain. Deep tissue massage can break up scar tissue which can lead to decreasing chronic pain. This may also lead to a reduction in arthritis symptoms and even help rehabilitate injured muscles.
  5. Improve your workouts. When you can move without pain and have results in better flexibility, you may find your workouts improve as well. Deep tissue massage can be a technique used several times a week after your workout as well.

If you can’t afford a professional deep tissue massage therapist, opting in for a deep tissue massage ball may be a more affordable option.

What to look for in a Deep Tissue Massage Ball

  1. Size matters. When looking to purchase a deep tissue massage ball, knowing where you will be using it is key. This is where size matters. You’ll need a smaller ball for working in tight places like the ball of your foot or between the shoulder blade or your mid back. If the ball is too small, it will be difficult to work on the larger muscles of the body like in the legs and butt.
  2. Durability and Firmness. Because many times in deep tissue massage you will be putting your entire body weight onto the ball, firmness and durability is key.
  3. Surface grip. Look for a firm ball but also look at the texture so it isn’t so slippery that it will roll out of place. A little bit of grip or stick is important for this reason.

Now that you’ve chosen a good ball, using it properly is important. Here are three ways to use a mid-sized deep tissue massage ball that everyone can use. Deep tissue massage should be done for 15-60 seconds or until you feel the muscle release and then repeat it once again to the same area before moving onto another area of the body. Like with any deep tissue massage you may feel a little pain or discomfort but try to breathe steadily and work through this as the benefits will soon be felt.

Use it on your bottom line. One of the places to use a deep tissue massage ball is on the glutes and thighs. Start seated on the floor and place the deep tissue massage ball underneath one side of the boat on an angle. Lean into the ball and allow the curve of the ball to help you roll slowly up and down the outer hip.

Use it for foot pain. Another great place to use the deep tissue massage ball is on the calf and peroneal muscles which are on the outside edge of the calf muscle. Start seated with the ball underneath the calf and slowly cross the other leg on top to apply pressure into the ball. Then roll into the muscles until you find the tension subside.

Use it for neck pain. Many people experience tightness in the upper neck and shoulders causing pain in the neck. A great way to relieve this tension is with deep tissue massage underneath or in between the shoulder blades. Start seated and lay back over the ball with your knees bent, put pressure into the ball and slowly roll up and down the outside of the spine near the shoulder blades.

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  • Charlotte Fleet

    It is surprising to me that deep tissue massages can help to reduce the symptoms of chronic pain like arthritis. My older sister has arthritis in her joints. I’ll recommend that she look into getting a deep tissue massage this week to see if it will lower her pain levels. https://desertserenityfloat.com/massage/

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