Is the Flexistretcher beneficial when you are already flexible?

Absolutely! We recommend attaining a certain level of flexiblity before performing the advanced stretches with your Flexistretcher. The Flexistretcher not only allows you to stretch in functional dance positions, but lets you strengthen while in the pose. The ultimate goal is not just gaining the flexibility required, but the strength necessary to sustain the movement. 

Flexibility paired with strength is imperative for functional movements required of ballet or a particular sport.  In ballet and most sports, extreme mobility and strength are mandatory to accomplish even the most introductory movements and necessary to advance to the top of your field. 

Utilizing the elastic resistance when performing stretches or exercises with the Flexistretcher increases muscle strength in a safe, productive manner.


Rachel Hamrick Flexistretcher Founder and Creator

Runner Stretch


As the band stretches, resistance increases, providing a stimulus to the muscle. This resistance does not rely on gravity.  Instead, elastic resistance requires muscle activation throughout the muscle’s range of motion, eliminating the possibility of using momentum and ‘cheating’ your way through the exercise. Moreover, strength training with elastic resistance provides variable resistance to promote the development of muscular strength and endurance. In a variable resistance exercise, the force applied to the muscle varies at each stage in order to create constant tension, causing the muscle to work harder to execute the movement.

The result is a stronger more controlled execution of functional movements necessary to be at the top of your game!



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