Pilates Hundred with your Flexistretcher

Set up: Begin lying on your back. Wrap the Flexistretcher center around the soles of your feet and hold one loop in each hand. Palms are facing down. Flex your feet and press your legs towards the sky. 

Action: Nod your chin to your chest and roll up to the tips of your shoulder blades. Engage your abdominals and try to keep a neutral pelvis as you pulse your arms down toward the floor.

Inhale for 5 counts and Exhale for 5 counts. 10x

Bend your knees into to your chest and rest.


Variation: For more of a challenge lower your legs down towards the floor at a 45 degree angle.

Cues: Watch out for the band snapping back to into place. Make sure to keep the resistance in the band as you are pulsing your arms. Keep your gaze in towards your belly button to avoid tension in your neck. 


Pilates Hundred with the Flexistretcher

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