Improve your arch, jump, and pointe work!

Try these supplemental foot strengthening exercises with the FLX BALL to improve your arch, jump, and pointe work!

The FLX BALL is inflatable making it very portable and accessible!

Begin by inflating the ball so that it is still soft and perform exercises 1-3.


Plantar Flexion

1. Toe press down. This exercise is great for the intrinsic muscles on the bottom of the toes and the doming of the metatarsals without using the ankle.

With the heel resting on the ground and the leg relaxed, press down with straight toes into the resistance of the ball. 

Hold for 10 counts and repeat. 15-30 times.


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2. Toes, metatarsal, and ankle

Begin with exercise #1 making sure the toes are pressing down straight and maintaining contact with the ball.

Then move the ball by rolling it forward slightly, and let the foot 'shape' around it. Press down with the metatarsals, arch, and finally the heel will leave the floor allowing the ankle complete the shape.

You will feel all the muscles working to lengthen instead of 'crunching' to create an ideal foot plantar flexion.




Plantar Flexion

3. Continuing from exercise #2. Toes are press down long on the ball. Maintaining contact you begin to straighten your leg. The entire foot is shaped around the ball.

Repeat 5-10 times.


Dancers demand so much of their feet and injury can result from fatigue and improper form. Add these exercises to your daily routine to keep your feet strong and healthy!


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