Feel Better After Holiday Meals

Feel Better After Holiday Meals

There is no doubt that many people overeat during the holiday season. For many of us, Thanksgiving and other holiday dinners are occasions where we tend to eat more than our normal portions. We also try a few desserts here and there and maybe even a few holiday cocktails.

To offset the belly bloat, many people take in a cardio workout or take a walk after these large meals. But if you’re not that type of person, stretching can help you digest your food better, burn a few calories, and definitely energize your body.

Here are a few stretches that can help boost your energy after that holiday meal.

  1. Around the World. Take your Flexistretcher and hold it on the nylon straps near the elastic center and pull your arms wide. Start by making a large body circle by leaning to the side and slowly reaching down toward the floor (stretching the hamstrings and low back), and then continuing the circle up to the other side. Perform this circle stretch 3-5x in one direction and then repeat in the other direction.
  2. Seated Foot Press. Grab your Flexistretcher  by the nylon strap handles and place your foot in the elastic center while seated in a chair. Slowly lift the leg up to hip height and pump the foot pointing and flexing the ankle. You can also take this into small ankle circles against the elastic center and then reverse. This is a great way to bring stretch to the hamstring and energize the lower body
  3. Seated Twister. Start by sitting in a chair and grab your Flexistretcher on the nylon straps near the elastic center. Pull the arms wide and bring them up to shoulder height. Simply stretch around to the right and then post the arm that's behind your back 8 to 12 times. Then rotate around to the other side and pulse the arms 8-12 times. This simple waist twist helps with posture and brings circulation to the core to aid in digestion.
  4. Seated Forward Fold. Start by sitting in a chair and grab your Flexistretcher on the nylon straps near the elastic center. Pull the arms wide and bring them up to overhead to slowly lift your arms up behind your head and look up to the ceiling. Slowly reach forward and reach down towards your feet. Allow your head to relax and take a deep breath in. As you exhale roll the spine upward and stretch back towards the ceiling. Repeat this stretch 4-5 times. This simple waist fold helps with digestion.
  5. Knee Tuck and Press. Start on your back with the Flexistretcher on your feet on the elastic and hands on the nylon straps. With knees bent in a tucked position, press your feet into the elastic center and extend your legs. This simple tuck and press brings blood to the core and can help with digestion.

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