Self Care is the Best Care

Self Care is the Best Care

Many of us are caregivers and helping others on a daily basis. Being a good friend, employee, sister, or brother may not look like the description of a typical caregiver. However, many of us are consistently doing things to help improve their life, self-confidence, or mental health. We know that to be the best person we can be, means we have to take care of ourselves. Self care is the best care.

5 Ways to Care for Yourself 

  1. Meditate in the Morning. Meditation is powerful. It has many positive effects on our bodies like increasing self-confidence, decreasing stress and helping us to meet our goals. Meditation is something anyone can do. By practicing meditation first thing in the morning, it can boost your mood, improve your focus and of course lower levels of stress and anxiety. Start with a simple mantra - it can be a few words repeated or something that you read each morning. A study in the Journal of Positive Psychology found that just 15 minutes of meditation a day can be enough to produce positive results.
  2. Read or Listen to a Book. Reading or even listening to a book can be so motivational, it helpsimprove your concentration and the ability to focus. Even reading purely for pleasure can help you succeed in other areas of your life. It is a proven stress reliever and it is a fun exercise for the brain as well as entertainment. According to the audio publishers association, even listening to books can help improve literacy skills such as fluency, vocabulary, language and comprehension. Listening to books can also improve your time management skills.
  3. Stretch for 10 Minutes Daily. Flexibility training is becoming more of a trend. It helps improve your physical performance, decrease your risk of injuries, and it can also help you improve your ability to do daily activities. There are many ways to stretch and the Flexistretcher is a great tool to start with. Stretching helps improve your posture and well stretched limber muscles can appear leaner than bulky ones.
  4. Get a Massage. Getting a massage may seem like a treat, and there are certainly those that break the bank when it comes to pricing, but the benefits of massage including reducing stress and increasing relaxation are so great that having massage tools of your own might be a great way to practice a self-massage care routine. Whether you use an infinity ball to roll out your upper back, neck muscles or even feet or a deep tissue massage ball that's great for tight hips, low back pain and releasing neck tension, they are inexpensive ways to get that great massage your body craves. Mayo Clinic notes that self-massage is good for the body and can boost mental health and wellness, manage pain, increase your immune function and even lower stress.
  5. Do Something Creative. Finding a creative outlet whether it's doodling, journaling, painting, or movement through dance is a great way to express yourself. There are many benefits of being creative including reducing stress and anxiety and allowing your body to enter the “happy zone”. Being creative can also give you a sense of purpose, promote problem-solving and lead to feelings of accomplishment and pride.


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