Yoga Wheel (Large) - 10 Pack

Yoga Wheel (Large) - 10 Pack

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Perfect for all levels of flexibility, the FLX Yoga Wheel (large) helps improve balance and allows for a full front-body stretch – opening the chest, shoulders, back and hip flexors. Measuring in at 5 inches wide, this wheel fits along the spine and is perfect for rolling exercise work and to alleviate back and shoulder pain.
BEST FOR: All levels of flexibility
DESIGNED FOR: Opening the core and improving flexibility
TARGETS: Hamstrings, glutes and more
  • 5 inches wide, 12.5-inch diameter
  • Durable PP plastic core, TPE outer
  • Improves balance and flexibility
  • Alleviates back and shoulder pain and aligns the spine
  • Aids in releasing tension and improving flexibility
  • Perfect for rolling exercise work
  • Versatile and accessible for a variety of skill levels
  • Allows for a full front-body stretch

Why FLX?

Gain Flexibility.

Originally created to keep up with the daily demands of a professional ballerina, FLX® products and training techniques are proven beneficial for anyone looking to gain flexibility. A combination of stretch & strength – flexibility training is critical to reaching and maintaining the highest levels of mobility and performance.

Benefits for All.

For serious athletes, FLX® products help extend range of motion and improve functional strength within specific positions necessary for a sport or activity. For casual exercisers and for rehabilitation purposes, FLX® products help improve basic ranges of motion by applying the fundamental principles of flexibility – stretching and strengthening.

Flexibility Training

It goes beyond just stretching!

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Why Stretch?

• Great for reducing stress

• Increases flexibility

• Increases mobility

• Increases range-of-motion

• Helps improve posture

• Helps reduce potential muscle soreness

• Helps improve athletic performance

• May reduce risk of injury

Let's Stretch!

Discover and try these exercises to get you moving better...longer.

"Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy, and we need that flexibility to maintain a range of motion in the joints. Without it, the muscles shorten and become tight."

- Harvard Health