Rethink the way you stretch.
Combining stretch & strength for increased mobility & range-of-motion.

Even gentle stretching can reduce stress.

- Harvard Health


One of the 5 components of fitness – and the most neglected.

Benefits of Flexibility Training

• Helps reduce stress

• Increases physical relaxation

• Increases mobility

• Increases range-of-motion

• Helps improve posture & balance

• Releases muscle tension & soreness

• Helps improve athletic performance

• May reduce risk of injury

Stretch, meet strength & recovery


Harnessing the power of elastic resistance to safely deepen your stretch & maximize results.

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This is Flexibility Training

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Beyond traditional stretching [because flexibility is not just stretching].

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Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy, and we need that flexibility to maintain a range of motion in the joints.

- Harvard Health

Why They FLX®

The Flexistretcher really helps you actively stretch muscles that you would not be able to reach alone! The company has great support and materials!

Alice M.

Makes stretching and strengthening more fun and exciting. It pushes me and I’m really thankful.

Priya P.

Excellent. I can do some yoga poses that were always difficult, now they are easier to do with the Flexistretcher. It is a good tool for the workout bag and comes in handy when needing a bit more stability in the stretch.

Geary S.

My daughter uses it regularly as part of her dance/conditioning routine in her classes and at home. Great tool to help with stretching and flexibility.

Caroline C.

I love it , it’s a great way to understand weight balance aspect of yourself and how it relates to your body.

Jimy S.
Flexibility for Mobility
Get started with these simple stretches and exercises and make flexibility a part of your routine!

"Ideally, at least 30 minutes, three times per week, should be spent on flexibility training. But even a mere five minutes of stretching at the end of an exercise session is better than nothing to reduce potential muscle soreness."

– American Council on Exercise