Grande Rond De Jambe with the Flexistretcher

SETUP: Holding onto something stable, lift the right knee to the side towards your shoulder, with your heel slightly forward of your knee.


  • From this position you can perform the full grand ronde de jambe by starting with front extension, moving through side extension, and finishing to the back in an arabesque.

Make sure to adjust the straps if you are having difficulties going from side to back.


  • Keep external rotation in both the standing and working leg.
  • Focus on the side to back action, lengthening the leg out into the strap and finishing higher to the back.
  • Pull up on the quadriceps and engage the hamstrings of the standing leg.


  • The legs swinging or dipping down.
DANCER FOCUS: This exercise gathers the elastic resistance qualities of the Flexistretcher with PNF stretching techniques to train both your working leg and standing leg on the proper alignment necessary to complete a grand rond de jambe.




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